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In conversation With Gaurav Gerera

Gaurav Gerera emerged as the winner of Roposo’s ‘The Mic’ maiden season. The creator-led entertainment commerce platform held the finale on Aug 2, 2022 in Mumbai and the winner Gerera walked home with a prize money of Rs 2 lakh and an internship opportunity with Pritam Chakraborty’s JAM8 Studio. Reshmi AR of Sakshi Post caught with the Roposo’s maiden live singing competition winner Gaurav Gerera to know his journey from a pharma company to Roposo stage and his future plans for a career in the music industry. 

Getting so much love and support from the live audience on Roposo and winning Roposo’s The MIC, how does that make you feel?
I still can’t believe I’ve won Roposo’s The MIC, but I am ecstatic about it. I have been told by a lot of people who I looked up to in the past, like my teachers and gurus, that I had a chance to make it big in the music space. However, I think I never got the opportunity to explore my talent fully till date. Having said that when I heard about Roposo’s The MIC, I found it extremely intriguing as a concept as it was a unique live singing competition where contestants performed virtually, and the audience voted for their favourite performers in real-time. Not just that, but we could interact with our audience and fans through comments and polls. I had a feeling that if I do well in this competition, it would give a boost to my music career and it has. For the first time in ten years, I feel like people saw my talent and I’m quite overwhelmed by the response that I have got throughout the season. 

From being a pharmacist to now winning Roposo’s The MIC, how has your journey been like?
I was working as an executive in a pharmaceutical firm, but music has always been my calling. It gives me a different kind of satisfaction. In fact, while I was a part of the corporate world, I was also practising music on the side, and I feel the decision to quit my job and pursue music full time was one of the best decisions I have taken for myself in my life. Though people doubted me initially, I am happy that I stuck to my convictions and took a step in the right direction, and I was able to win Roposo’s The MIC!

What are you planning to do with the prize money that you’ve won? 
I am keen to reinvest this into my musical career in some way. I have been working on an album and the money will surely help me bring it to fruition. 

You have also got an internship at JAM8 Studios, which is India’s premiere music studio with several top artistes. How excited are you and what do you aim to learn and gain from the scholarship?
I feel one of my biggest skills is to observe and take in ideas, and that’s exactly what I plan to do during my internship with JAM8. Being able to work with such a big studio and such big names is a marvellous opportunity and truly bigger than the prize money I have received. I have been a fan of Pritam Sir and the fact that I will be learning from him now is a surreal feeling, all thanks to Roposo and the opportunities it provides upcoming musicians like me!

Having won Roposo’s The MIC, are you planning to take up singing full time? Is there any actor you would like to do a playback for?
I have started transitioning into singing full time already and I am positive that winning Roposo’s The Mic will bring in a lot of opportunities for me, especially with the JAM8 internship opportunity. I hope I can make it big in the Hindi music industry and sing for Akshay Kumar one day, as he is my favourite Bollywood actor.

Which current singer has been your inspiration?
While I do not follow one specific singer as such, Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have truly inspired me. I have learned from all of them and hope to sing with them someday.

Coming to Roposo – The MIC, how different is it from other forms of reality shows? What made you participate?
The first thing that attracted me to Roposo’s The MIC was the ease of participation. We could participate from the comfort of our own homes or wherever we wanted and showcase our talent by performing virtually on Roposo and Glance. The best part was that the judges throughout were the live audience who are listening to you, interacting with you and voting for you in real-time. The benefits like an internship with Jam8 Studio apart from the prize money were great incentives for an upcoming music creator like me. Beyond just the show, presence on a creator-led live entertainment commerce platform like Roposo was very important for me. Glance and Roposo combined provides an access to millions of people in a live format – a unique manner of creating and consuming music.  

Anything you’d like to mention to music enthusiasts who want to explore singing as a profession or get into content creation as musicians? 
The only way to success is hard work, that is the only advice I feel I would like to give to people who want to explore singing as a profession or get into content creation as musicians. Associating with Roposo and The MIC gave me a big break, just the way it gives various creators and their talent a great platform, so always recognize your opportunities.

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