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Drenched in the soulful depths of music, Gaurav Gerera is an emerging singer-songwriter whose story is all about love and music. From the tender age of 16, Gaurav discovered that his purpose in life was to chase tunes, not trinkets.

With a gleam in his eye and a song in his heart, Gaurav set forth on an enchanting musical journey, learning from some of the most esteemed institutions worldwide, including the renowned Berklee College of Music and the True School of Music! They tried to teach him the ways of the world, but all he cared about were the strings of a guitar and the melodies of his voice.

When Gaurav steps on stage, he ensures that the stage doesn’t just belong to him but to the audience as well. His primary mission is to craft an atmosphere where everyone becomes a part of the same tribe. From the front row to the back, he guarantees that everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged in the enchanting experience.

His passion for excellence and perfection extends beyond the spotlight, as he inspires his fellow musicians and aspiring artists to never accept anything less than absolute mastery in the art of music.”

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